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Platinum Package

Room Uplighting is the next step in adding elegance and a party atmosphere to your reception. Room Uplighting has the ability to transform your room, add beauty, color and a party atmosphere for your friends and family. They up the party vibe and guarantee everyone will have a good time dancing the night away.
How do my lights set me apart from other lighting specialists? Other DJ’s may offer room Uplighting, but their lights are not able to change color, so you choose one color for the entire evening. My lights are sound activated LED lights. Which mean I can perfectly match the color of your décor to the color of the lights, I can change the color at the flip of a dial, AND they are sound activated, so once the party starts after dinner, they will change color to the beat of the music! These are the highest standard in lights, and I am extremely excited to be able to bring you the BEST there is. See me for a consultation to view video of the room Uplighting and how it can really transform your reception and take it from ordinary to extraordinary.